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Festival wear linen jacket, floral runway streetwear True Rebel Clothing

True Rebel Clothing

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Brown festival linen duster kimono, boho chic rosette linen maxi duster, flowing glam kimono, True Rebel Clothing L XL 

Loving the colors of this gorgeous brown spring linen festival duster kimono. I have made this piece with a brown rosette embroidered linen top and a gorgeous knit flowing bottom. There are tiny little buttons under the busy at the top to wear it closed or you can leave them open. The colors are beautiful together. Size large Cl the busy will fit busy sizes up to 44, length is 48 to 49 inches at the longest panel. My mannequin is a 34 bust and this piece was not pinned so it looks super cute on smaller sizes too

#linen #festival #kimono #duster #springclothing #bohochic

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