Coming soon clearance sale July 22nd and 23rd, all inventory left from spring summer

True Rebel Clothing

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July 22 and 23rd we are having our annual clearance sale. Everything will be marked down to move out. I need room for my fall winter holiday collections I kinda went overboard this year and made a lot of shabby chic dresses ruffle pants concert pieces accessories all in the gypsy, Stevie Nicks Bohemian Boho type . As you all know, my pieces are very unique. I focus my artistic creativity on the fabrics I find in the vibes. I love to wear, which are again Stevie Nicks, gypsy Boho, shabby chic, and Bohemian. I know you will all find treasures that will remain in your closet for years and years, please check out my store on July 22 and 23rdfor your Stevie Nicks Boho gypsy vibe 

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