Halloween Witch Black lace maxi skirt, Bohemian gypsy moon lace maxi, Boho chic gypsy looks Festival looks Gypsy soul, True rebel clothing

True Rebel Clothing

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Black lace maxi,black lace skirt, Bohemian gypsy, gypsy moon maxi, lace maxi skirt, Boho chic style, for spring summer, Festival looks, Gypsy soul, True rebel clothing S M

one of my favorite new designs for the spring summer season. A black lace maxi skirt. Many layers in a gorgeous maxi length. I love this piece belted with a tank and boots. Looks beautiful with heels and a dressy top as well.

Size small 0 thru 4 length is 32 to 38 inches, the perfect skirt for all your Stevie Looks and a really great piece for a witchy Halloween look and vibe. The perfect gypsy look too XOXOXO

#stevienicks #style #gypsy #spellgypsy #gypsymoon #beauty #looks

Materials: Black lace maxi,black lace skirt,Bohemian gypsy,gypsy moon maxi,lace maxi skirt,Boho chic style,for spring summer,Festival looks,Gypsy soul,True rebel clothing

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