Medium style bundle

True Rebel Clothing

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The medium style bundle consist of turquoise and cream colors. That complement each other all pieces can mix and match with one another. I love wearing the long green skirt under the turquoise ruffled dress. It adds a layered look and becomes a maxi with the skirt underneath it. the shorts look great with every top in the style Box and the bohemian wide leg pants are definitely my favorite piece out of the whole collection. They go with each top and look fabulous as a casual date night out. 

1 pair of wide leg boho turquoise pants

1 green maxi skirt

1 pullover Creme colored top

1 button down babydoll dress

1 fringed t~shirt vest 

1 embellished slip dress 

1 boho leopard poet top

1 true rebel horse T-shirt 

1 cut off festival short 

1 green braided necklace 

1 silver sea shell necklace

1 vintage beaded cuff 

1 felt hat to match 




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