Mermaid sea siren fall duster, Halloween ruffle fairytale duster, kimono

True Rebel Clothing

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This piece is very special, the jacket was from the 70s and has lace and gorgeous detailing around the collar, perfect condition. I used this piece to make a ruffle duster piece. The fabrics are a mix of vintage and modern glitter. It will never be able to be duplicated. These pieces are unique and one of a kind. This gorgeous piece is a size med large, the bust will fit a 38 to a small 40, the front is shorter and the back flows long and out like a mermaid tail. The back length is 53 inches. There are 2 wooden buttons on the jacket. This is my favorite piece of the season. Will begin at a promo price but will go to retail in one week ♥️♥️♥️ #vintageclothing #mermaid #duster #fall 

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