Rocker chic style bundle box, 9 piece clothing 3 piece accessory leopard print sequin box #stylebundle #bundles #stylebox

True Rebel Clothing

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Hey guys, I have the coolest rocker chic style bundle box from my personal collection. It is amazing.

There are nine pieces of clothing all can make some match there’s jackets skirt dress tunic T-shirt stud slouch over the shoulder bag cool ass 1990s necklace animal print head scarf. This is for the girl who takes her summer concert seriously and has to be able to be dressed for work the next morning all pieces can be work appropriate and must have. This bundle would work great on sizes small medium or mediums the bus on all the pieces would work perfectly on sizes 38 down. If you have any questions hit me up on my Shop chat. I will be hanging out tonight until 930 peace and love girls.

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