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Sale a small vintage backless Music festival gypsy spell lace crop top, Young n famous Bohemian Mexicali beach ,Boho clothes, Stevie Nicks style True rebel clothing

Gorgeous vintage black music festival crop top. l!!! This is a must have for the Bohemian festival girl ~The front is bikini style with a bib over the tummy. The back is completely backless and ties like a bikini. Love this top with festival indian print skirts. So easy to wear and very festival chic.

Size Small 00-6, with a total length of 18 in the middle, open back. Can be machine washed, or wash gentle cycle and fluff once dried. Peace, love and Kindness to one another

Welcome to our shop. We strive to bring great vintage, Bohemian, Gypsy, Music Festival and Country chic items to you guys all with a little True Rebel Clothing vibe. Each and every one of out pieces is hand altered or handmade unless vintage and then sometime those will get a little lift as well. My Bohemian Gypsy Influence come from my style icon Stevie Nicks. I have been designing with her in mind since I was little. The Bohemian or boho chic style is s little bt of gypsy mixed with easy to wear beach bohemian. I love to use all natural cottons, vintage laces and tapestries. My family and I travel to find treasures and fabrics to turn into one of a kind Bohemian gypsy vintage pieces or fabrics we ca turn into those Since my newest love, with Music festival style I have been looking for and loving vintage pieces I can give a little lift to, I will also be introducing some new Boho music festival boyfriend shorts and Coachella crop tops as well. Please remember that each piece is altered, handmade, or hand dyed and that there might be little dye variations or raw edges, this gives charm to each piece and you will know you are not buying mass produced but something made with love and many hours of treasure hunting. Thanks so much for shopping with True Rebel Clothing ~ We love all our Gypsies, Bohemian, Music Festival, Country Girls!!!

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