Summer 2014 Sun Kissed Collection

Growing up on a little island off the coast of Maine never fails for inspiration. This seasons Sun Kissed collection has been inspired by my memories of being a teenager in Maine and how each day was spent at the beach. As soon as it was warm enough I had a back pack packed with my shorts, tshirt, tank, jeans, bathing suite and my favorite sweater. I rarely came home. Days were spent at the beach swimming and hanging out and nights we had bon fires with loud music and a few cocktails. The clothing at the end of the summer was worn and tattered a bit but held memories of that summer and became cherished pieces in our wardrobes. I am hoping that the lightened, tattered and imperfect pieces of 2014 summer collection become as loved in your wardrobe. Each piece is made with love and my vision of a perfect worn in love summer treasure. I believe that imperfection is as perfect as you can get and each piece has all the beautiful little imperfection of an item that has been worn in the ocean, dried on the rocks and worn through the entire summer. Hopefully you all enjoy~ Peace, Love and Kindness to all



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