Ruby Rebel Drink ~ True Rebel'c Offical Summertime Cocktail

Ahhh The Ruby Rebel, it all started right after my car accident. I was on my way to the post office 2 years ago May and while stopped at a stoplight I was slammed in the rear of the car by a drunk driver going about 65 miles per hour. He pushed me down the road about 200 feet. It was horrible. I was taken by EMS to the emergency room and checked out to make sure I was okay. I was so rattled by the time I got home I just wanted to relax. So, my tummy did not feel good and I was not about to take the pain meds, or any other meds the docs love to give women that are stressed so I came up with this. My Grandma use to give us Ginger Ale for an upset tummy and my favorite drink is merlot, favorite berry raspberry and a drink was born. When making this delicious cocktail make sure you add loads of ice, and the fruit, berry of your choice~ I love this drink now because it reminds me to be grateful everyday that I was not taken from my family, reminds me of my grandma, best friend and I feel healthy with the fresh berries lol. I hope you all love it.                   


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  • Love your new site. Good luck with it all. Love you, Darcy

    Pat Florence

  • My daughter is getting married in June. I love the purple dress on here. I am not a size 0-4. I love the embellishments. Her bridesmaids are wearing purple. The wedding has pink and aqua accents. I would love to have a vintage style mother of the bride dress with those colors. There will be lots of burlap decor. The bridesmaids are wearing cowboy boots & I probably will, too. I wear a 12 or 14. I am busty. I would prefer a wider strap so that I can wear a bra that is not strapless. I am not sure if you can accommodate me? I love your store on Etsy. I’ve been searching Pinterest and found you. I want a Stevie Nicks look. I like bling and embellishments. Let me know if you can help. If not, I still love what you do! ?

    Jill Keen

  • I am enjoying shopping on your sight. I am getting a few dresses but a lot of them were out of stock that i wanted. Please send me when you have new dresses. Also their is another site that I mistaken for yours that is so close to your name and they are also on Etsy I think. I cant wait to see you rise to the top. God Bless your business , Amy


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