Boho spring trends

darcy george


I always enjoy the freshness of each seasons trends. Usually burst of fresh colors inspire me to follow suite with my designs. This years fantasy florals are right in line with my designs. I use mostly vintage fabrics and the delicate flowers on some of my lines really helped me with this years hottest spring trends.


Flowers, which signify new beginnings were seen all over the runways. Designers took an all new approach by mixing spring florals from head to toe. Spring is also the time to shed heavy fabrics such as dense layers and throw on a little peek a boo piece. Personally I am loving the transparent overlays with fuller coverage slip dresses, often seen in my True Rebel Clothing shop.


My favorite Boho grunge spring trend is the mixing of the 90s most popular styles like grunge t-shirt tops with delicate boho florals and denims. I have designed a gorgeous rock concert apron top that looks amazing with the very wide leg pant of the season. Adding to my collection this year are the vintage babydoll looks of the 90s with a version of my ragdoll slip dress.

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